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Coen Marathon: The Hudsucker Proxy

“You know, for kids.” Toward the beginning of the film, we quickly discover that Waring Hudsucker (Charles Durning) has had enough.  While his board chatters on about business on the 44th floor of the Hudsucker skyscraper, Waring Hudsucker sets down a … Continue reading

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Coen Marathon: Barton Fink

“Look upon me!  I’ll show you the life of the mind.  Ahhhhh!” After his Coen debut in “Miller’s Crossing” where he had a key monologue out in the woods where mob men execute their victims, John Turturro was ready for … Continue reading

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Make America Read Again: My April Book List

Still working to finish some of the commentaries that I started in research for sermons I have given this year, I’m gradually trying to make my way to perhaps more diversified reading.  Generally, I like commentaries but they have to … Continue reading

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