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The Commercialization of Christmas

Packed and well-lit shopping malls.  Traffic jams.  Massive holiday ad campaigns.  A scorched earth debate about whether or not there is a “war on Christmas”.  The time of year has arrived again.  Santa Claus and his elves arrive in our … Continue reading

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Memorializing Hitch: “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens” A Review

Christopher Hitchens (Barging through the door while smoking a cigarette and drinking Johnnie Walker): The Archbishop of Canterbury has effectively endorsed the adoption of Sharia Law. Sharia means law. Seems redundant to say ‘Sharia Law’, doesn’t it? Anyway, can you believe … Continue reading

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Faith and Brains: An Excerpt From ‘Finding God in the Waves’

Starting to read Mike McHargue’s (Science Mike for those who listen to ‘The Liturgist’s podcast) debut book has been on my to do list for awhile.  I’m quickly discovering that not only is the book an engaging read, it seems … Continue reading

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“Arrival”: A Review

In a warped way, filmmaker Denis Villeneuve will always have a special (if slightly macabre) place in my heart. He directed the movie “Prisoners” which I watched with Michelle in late September 2013 at the old Edmonds Theater. I reviewed … Continue reading

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Potential Electoral College Madness?

For #NeverTrumpers, there is one more far-fetched and extremely improbable scenario that could deny Donald J. Trump the presidency:  a raucous rebellion within the electoral college.  Curious?  Read on. All of us have seen the headlines.  Hillary Clinton has won … Continue reading

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