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“Buzzards guts, man!” A first rate movie on the 16th President

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is one of the best films the director has ever done and I was quite surprised how compelling and phenomenal the movie turned out to be. Most historians rate Abraham Lincoln as America’s greatest president. Honest Abe … Continue reading

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Black Friday Blues

The mere mental image of crazy-eyed shoppers rushing into a retail store to feast upon the sales of their various outlets during the traditional fiasco of Black Friday is a rather sad picture to me. As far as I can … Continue reading

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Of Rubio and Creationism

The blogosphere (mostly on the left wing side) has erupted with commentary on Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s response to a question about the age of the earth. This was a question posed by a GQ reporter and will appear in … Continue reading

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Bond turns 50 with the Spectacular “Skyfall”

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those critics that obtain fancy advance screening passes…yet and most people have probably already seen the new James Bond movie, “Skyfall”. However, I thought I would add to the discussion with my own review. Bond … Continue reading

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A Mt. Baker Peace of Mind

Celebrating a year after our very first date, my wife and I packed up the Corolla and drove 113 miles to Mt. Baker for a weekend away. We stayed at a friend’s condo complex (thanks Rob!) which is located at … Continue reading

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