Fall of New England (Day 2)

Before leaving Plymouth in the morning we found a park with a playground for Naomi to run around. The park was right on the Atlantic Ocean. Further across the channel was a strip of land. Beach sand rose up in knolls and a few houses dotted the landscape. I wondered how those homes of obviously wealthy people would hold up with a massive category hurricane swirling through?

We left Plymouth in the morning driving southwest for Providence. Before we arrived in Providence, we took a detour into the Rhode Island rural countryside. Through winding roads and forested terrain where the trees were just starting to change colors, we saw beautiful old homes with yards fenced off by about three feet of stones piled on each other. This seemed like a European thing and was pretty cool.

Our destination that day was the Sakonnet Winery. We drove along the dirt path back to a fancy wooden building where people dined out on a patio in front of a bar. Several rows of cars were lined up in a grass field. Beyond the cars and across from the wooden winery buildings was a field. A stage was in one corner of the field in front of the vineyards. Wooden tables and chairs were scattered in the field with people enjoying wine and watching the fine musicians play gypsy jazz.

The ambiance was enjoyable and we were sucked right in while listening to the music and drinking sangria. Beyond the main field that accommodated the stage was a secondary field that was divided from the first by a stone wall. This field was vastly underpopulated by people so we strolled on over.

One part of the grass was freshly cut and another smaller section had longer grass. Forests surrounded this smaller field except for the wall that segregated from the main party and the rows of grapes that extended forever on another side. A photogenic rock was in the taller grass as well as trees whose branches extended close to the ground. Butterflies soared around this area and a pair appeared to get frisky. Naomi ran through the field chasing grasshoppers. The sky over the vineyard had puffy white clouds and the sky seemed to have a curvature as the shade of blue stretched beyond what the eye could see.

Michelle remarked that this seemed like paradise.

We left Little Compton for Providence where we would stay the night with another setup from Airbnb. From rural countryside to the city.

Richard, our host from Airbnb, welcomed us warmly. He had quite the house. Fancy hardwood floors, impressive rugs laid all over and original artwork hanging on the walls. The artist was his partner, Hisham, who unfortunately was traveling but we met him later via Skype.

For dinner, we decided to go into the heart of Providence and eat. I, selfishly, picked ‘The Federal Grill and Bar’ as I thought the odds were high that they would have the Seattle Seahawks vs the Chicago Bears on television. In New England Patriot territory, I proudly sported my Seahawks shirt and hat. I ended up seeing a little of the game as Seattle destroyed the Bears 26-0.

Returning to the house, we put Naomi to sleep and had a great conversation with Richard. He is an aspiring screenwriter and religiously listens to the podcast ‘Script Notes.’ He told us of his idea for a screenplay which I thought sounded good. We exchanged favorite movies and he put ‘Primer’ high on his list. We’ll have to check that out.


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