Fall of New England (Day 1)

Little bits of anxiety started creeping in as I thought about Naomi having her first plane ride.  We were at Seatac Airport and Naomi was wrapped up in Michelle’s arms, her mouth gaping open.  Completely out but would this be a good thing or a bad thing when the time came to board the flight?

Well, she ended up mostly sleeping on the nearly five hour flight to Washington DC in which we had a connector flight to our final destination in Boston.  Sigh of relief was in order.  I thought we would be mercilessly judged by fellow plane travelers for having a screaming 15 month old or have some bold loudmouth offer their commentary.  Thankfully, none of that occurred.

Fall in New England.  I have heard the stories of the colors radiating glory as summer wound down in the northeast of our country.  I also wanted to add some states to my ‘bucket list goal’ of experiencing all 50.  To my list I will add:  Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  Speaking of bucket lists, I would love to take a giant piss at the gate of Tom Brady’s mansion but I don’t think the rest of the family would be into this.

After a fiasco getting a rental car, we cruised out of Boston (we had been there and done that) south to Plymouth.  We were immediately engaged by the vibe of the historic town.  Lots of old houses with character and beautifully preserved church buildings. We walked the waterfront and came upon a replica ship of the Mayflower unoriginally named ‘Mayflower II’.  Anchored on a dock, many tourists were paying the $12 per person to take an up close and personal tour.  I saw an impressive plaque that this Mayflower II had actually completed the course that the original Pilgrims did back in April to June 1957.  That would be an experience to say the least.

A tad further down was the famous Plymouth Rock with 1620 etched into the stone.  No Pilgrims ever mentioned a literal rock and so this looks like a legend developed about this particular rock in 1741.  Still a fascinating history.  Almost 395 years ago, the English separatists Pilgrims made the trek to the New World so they could practice their religion freely.  Many complexities and differing accounts exist regarding the beginning of this colony but striking to know this is a huge part of America’s heritage.

We booked a lot of the places to stay on Airbnb so we are staying in a colonial type house tonight with a very friendly host.  We await the adventures beyond.

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