A Prayer for Naomi Rose

**Our daughter, Naomi Rose, was born on Friday, June 13th at 12:26am.  She was 8lbs 11 ounces and 21 inches long.  This was the prayer we spoke to God in the hospital room, with family, after her delivery.

Dear Lord Jesus,

We are in awe and excited as we embark on this next chapter in our lives- an adventure with our sweet and beautiful Naomi Rose.

To welcome new life into the world is unfathomable.  We look forward to teaching our daughter new things and also learning from her as she explores and experiences our world.  We dream of travelling with her, meeting new people and seeing places for the very first time.  Camping, watching great movies and going to the zoo are specific agendas (among others) that we hope will be a part of our lives.

With the fresh excitement, there comes a certain nervousness with this sacred responsibility.  We realize the world is dark, there are dangerous people and ideas and we hope to protect our daughter from these things while, in time, educating her about them.  Our daughter may end up doing things down the road that we disagree with.  We want to pledge to love her unconditionally.  No matter what.

Mainly, we pray our daughter Naomi would come to love and follow You, Jesus.  We ask that she would strive to see the world as You do and be involved in Your Kingdom work with whatever routes she chooses in her life.

We are overjoyed at this precious gift.  Thanks for developing her in the womb, keeping her safe and having her born to us on this day.

Praise and thanks be to You, God.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


About dangeroushope

Striving to follow Christ, love people and learn more about the world.
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