Being that I have a strong interest in theology (namely Christian spirituality) and politics and movies and other cultural items, I desired an outlet to express omy views and interact with an online audience.

That’s where this new blog comes in.

In the past, I have started blogs (two on my own and one with a collective group). I have struggled to maintain consistency with blog writing but I always have had good intentions. I possess those same intentions here but I desire to be more regular in writing about what is going on in my life, my community’s life or the nation’s life. Occasionally, a movie or book review will work its way into the fray.

Through my years of writing blogs about spiritual or political issues or whatever under the sun, the biggest things that I have learned have been about myself. To be able to have an opinion and then exercise the ability to defend that view in a public forum is a challenge that I welcome. This helps me to examine myself in healthy ways and also serves to strengthen my views or…to change them. Of course, in order for my views to be strengthened or changed, I need people to challenge me and that is where the readership of this blog comes in. The person reading this blog (and thank you, by the way) is as much a part of this blog as me.

The title of this blog “Dangerous Hope” comes from a favorite movie: “The Shawshank Redemption”. The character of Red (played by Morgan Freeman) tells Andy Dufresne (portrayed by Tim Robbins) that “hope is a dangerous thing”. Indeed, it is.

Genuine hope can be dangerous. Hope calls people to transcend their circumstances and grasp hold of perspectives that are valuable and perhaps universally so.  For martyrs throughout the centuries, declaring hope or calling people back to hope has not been easy.  Hopeful change is hard to achieve whether trying to mold systems or making a change to our own lives.  This can be a painful process which is why, in this sense, hope can be dangerous.

Of course, dangerous hope is a double-edged sword. Hope can also be dangerous in the opposite way. There are many false hopes developed by worldwide religions and phony promises pedaled by modern politicians.  False hopes can lead us down destructive paths.

A presupposition that I have in starting this blog is the hope that is available to all through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the dangerous hope.  I believe that Christ is the hope of the world as He has died for sins and rose again 3 days after doing so. I pray that His Kingdom values and love would be recognized throughout this blog. These are views of mine that will not be changed and from which the foundation on how I think (and blog) is built.

All of this is the tagline, “Musings on Christ, culture, and life.” From a foundation of belief in Christ, comes a way to see the world. The world that I see is through Jesus’ kingdom. (By the way, seeing the world through Jesus’ Kingdom is not always clear and various believers will disagree and dialogue about differences).

I look forward to writing and interacting with readers on how that works out in mine own life, thinking and actions.



About dangeroushope

Striving to follow Christ, love people and learn more about the world.
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One Response to Beginnings

  1. Good luck on your new adventure, which may be dangerous as well, but worth the effort.

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